About Us

Preserving Farmland Since 1984

Our Mission Statement

It is the purpose of the Ag Land Trust to assist in the preservation and protection of all productive and important agricultural, open space and historical lands in Monterey County (and adjacent areas). Such action will contribute directly to the social, cultural, environmental and economic well being of the County while enhancing its unique character as a desirable place to live and work.

What We Do

The Ag Land Trust was one of the first land trusts in the state of California founded to exclusively serve the needs of the agricultural community. The land trust partners with willing landowners to protect productive agricultural acreage primarily in Monterey County, but in neighboring counties as well. The Ag Land Trust was created with the interests of landowners in mind.  Our primary goal is to protect agricultural land and increase awareness among farmers and ranchers about the use of easements and other conservation tools.

Partnering With Landowners to Preserve California’s Agricultural Heritage

The Ag Land Trust has had the honor of partnering with dozens of farming and ranching families to protect California’s precious agricultural heritage.  To date, our landowners have partnered with us to protect over 46,000 acres of productive agricultural land.  We would like to thank all of those landowners and their families for their dedication and support.

Services We Offer

Mitigation is a term used to describe projects or programs that offset impacts to a natural resource.  Although California’s farmland is precious and the loss of it can never be fully compensated for, impacts to farmland can be partly mitigated for by permanently protecting similar land.

Local jurisdictions, including the State of California and Monterey County, have recognized the importance of addressing the impacts of agricultural land conversion.  A number of cities, counties, and Local Area Formation Commissions (LAFCOs) require mitigation for the loss of farmland via in-lieu fees or direct purchases of conservation easements on similar land.

Where mitigation is required, Ag Land Trust can help identify, select, and acquire conservation easements or fee-title on appropriate farmland, as well as monitor or manage conserved land in perpetuity.

Ag Land Trust prides itself in our ability to provide customized mitigation solutions by working with local entities and willing sellers to secure easements to meet the agricultural mitigation requirements established in a project’s environmental documents.