Ag Land Trust Purchases HZ Ranch South County Farmland

Ag Land Trust Purchases HZ Ranch South County Farmland

In cooperation with the U.S. Department of Defense and the U.S. National Guard Bureau, the Ag Land Trust of Monterey County has acquired the 466-acre "HZ Ranch" on Nacimiento Road near Bradley.

The farm was acquired with federal funds from the Department of Defense, which were granted to the Trust as part of its ongoing partnership to preserve prime and productive farmlands in the area of Camp Roberts.

The permanently preserved farm is intended to become a vineyard and is located in the Hames Valley appellation.

The Trust paid $2.4 million for the ranch and as part of the transaction, the seller made a charitable gift to the Trust in support of the permanent preservation of Monterey County farmlands.

The Trust also received $4 million  in grant funds from the State of California (the California Strategic Growth Council). The funds were awarded for the acquisition of five strategic prime farmland preservation easements around the City of Salinas.

Source: The Californian